Hi, I'm Adam

UI/UX Designer

I have 6 years experience designing, researching, prototyping, testing, and being a user advocate. I utilize Design Thinking to create intuitive and beautiful solutions to complex problems.

Picture of me standing at the Grand Canyon

Pathfinder Glossary

Helping users find what they're looking for so they can get back to serving their client.

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Research Deputy Course

I was selected for the inaugural Rocket Research Deputy course, aimed at improving research skills for designers.

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Figma For Collaborators

Self-Service walkthrough to teach engineers and other collaborators how to Figma.

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Hotel Booking App Cover Photo

Hotel Booking App

A project I completed as part of the UX Design Institute's UX certificate program.

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Design System main image

Pickaxe Design System

Streamlining the design process for our agency utilizing atomic design.

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Save Team case study header image

Save Team

Designing an app for call center staff to better focus on customer retention.

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Sales Incentive Dashboard case study image

Sales Incentive Dashboard

Hit a sales threshold and earn a slice of $4m in prize money.

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